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Crystal Charms

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Beautiful crystal charm made of two crystals. Helps bring healing and positive energy to your furry friends. Great for dog collars and on you equines bridle. 

Hemalite- Hematite is a real blood and muscle booster, helping animals which may have just come through an illness or surgery, regain their strength. Many horse and dog owners swear by Hematite, skittish horses and dogs can be kept calm by placing a gemstone on bridle while riding and on dog collar.

JasperJasper has amazing grounding qualities will help focus your pet and help prevent the natural impulsive reactions often displayed by nervous animals – flight, aggression and fear. 

QuartzQuartz holds the same properties as clear quartz, the beloved master healer stone. Clear Quartz gives off pure white light energy and can counteract negative energy and dark forces.


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